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Certified Data Centre Professional (CDCP)

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Academy of Management & Science (AMS)
House # 89/E, Road # 13/C, Block # E, Banani, Dhaka 1213, Bangladesh
Telephone: +880 (2) 9891190, +880 (2) 8836875, Cell No: (88) 01680878839, (88) 01193070284

Resource Person

Otto de Roo
Otto de Roo is a Dutch national who has over 10 years of data centre experience. Before joining EPI he was managing 13 mission critical data centres in Europe for a large data centre operator. He dealtsuccessfully with all data centre aspects such as daily operations, Green initiatives and many other matters.Otto has been involved in many new build as well as data centre renovation projects deploying new technologies such as Kyoto cooling, Hypoxic based fire prevention and various other technologies. A main goal in running the operations was a tight Security policy and he achieved to have all data centres to comply with ISO 27001, the PCI DSS standard and a number of data centres also comply with SAS 70.Otto is well travelled and has a passion for learning about different cultures and exploring them to the fullest and adapts very easily to any situation with a great level of flexibility. Otto has a patient personality who educated many people on data centre related topics participating in a variety of forums in which many experienced his broad qualities.

Affiliations & Honours
Otto is an active member of a number of data centre professional groups helping the data centre community with his lessons learned which benefits other professionals. He is a well-sought speaker for various events.

Otto is a person who has mentored many others in achieving to get the most out of their existing data centres whilst minimising the risks of down time and achieving good results in operational efficiencies. He was awarded a “1000 days without down time” certificate by one of the largest oil companies in the world.
Otto has been a driving force in his previous organisation and took upon him the initiative to introduce an environmental approach within the data centres facilities to realise a reduction of 20% in power consumption during the last few years and planning another 10% for the upcoming years.
Otto did set up, and trained, employees to form a lean and mean but well-oiled team in a competitive environment to ensure a maximum operational efficiency with a Tier-4 level availability.


Mr. Siddharth Jain

With over a decade of experience in the high tech environments for the Telecom, Data, e-Governance and financial sectors Jain’s track record in critical systems co-ordination and established relationships with specialist sub-contractors enables him to provide turnkey solutions to meet mission critical requirements. Recognised in the industry as an expert, he has held various senior management positions in multinational companies in the areas of sales & marketing, strategic management, business development, training and development, customer services and operations.

Siddharth has produced a number of data centre Audits and studies across the asia pacific region and is widely acknowledged as a leading figure at data centre conferences. A strong character and good communication skills, Siddharth enjoys interfacing with people, bringing Training classes to life.

MBA, (Specialisation in Marketing and Strategy, from the Asian Institute of Management, Manila, Philippines.)
DSMM (Diploma in Sales &Marketing Management, from NMIMS, Mumbai, India)
Hi-Availability in mission critical environments
Project Management
Certified Data Center Professional, Specialist and Expert (CDCP, CDCS, CDCE)
Certified Data Center Facilities Operations Manager (CDFOM)

Outstanding Sales Achievement Award, Allot Communications Inc, USA
Outstanding Sales Achievement Award, Concord Communications Inc, USA
Excellence Award, NGBPS LIMITED
Asia Pacific Field Operations Excellence Award, EPI Pte Ltd.

White Papers:
Contamination in Data Centers – Best Practice
Data Center Cooling – Best Practice

Green Data Center Alliance
Data Center Professionals
Data Center & IT Ops Education Committee
Green Data Center Initiative

Public affairs:
Various key note speeches in industry related forums, breakfast sessions etc. Presentations to variety of audiences on subject matters such as Hi-Availability computing, Data centre design and technologies.
Presented a paper on “Strategies for Benchmarking Data Centers” in the Green Data Center Conference organised by the CII (Confederation of Indian Industries)

Workshop Details

CDCP training course in Dhaka, Bangladesh
Academy of Management & Science (AMS)
House # 89/E, Road # 13/C, Block # E, Banani, Dhaka-1213, Bangladesh
Telephone: +880-2-9891190, +880 (2) 8836875
Cell No: (88) 01193070284, (88) 01680878839
Duration: 2 Days (Full day)

Who Can Attend

Participants who have any involvement in Data Center 's operations and have the need to understand the key components and aspects of mission critical Data Center facilities operation and maintenance. This would include such persons as: IT Service Delivery Managers, IT Marketing & Sales Reps, IT Department Managers, Network Managers, System integrator engineers, data center builders etc.


Certification authority: EPI, Singapore

Attendees will take a 1-hour Certified Data Center Professional exam. The exam is a 40 questions, closed book, multiple choice exam. The passing mark is 30 out of 40. Attendees passing the exam will be awarded the internationally accredited and recognized


PowerPoint Presentation, Interactive Lecture, Case Study, Classroom exercise, Question and Answer session. EPI courses are lectured by certi?ed trainers. CDCP


Certified Data Centre Professional (CDCP)

Course Code:



This 2-day course designed to expose participants to all the key components of a Mission Critical Data Centre, its operations and maintenance. The course will also provide tips on how to improve current Data Centre effectiveness and maintenance routines affecting Data Center performance in order to improve high availability.

Target Audience
The primary audience for this course is an IT, facilities or Data Centre Operations professional working in and around the data centre and having the responsibility to achieve and improve hi-availability and manageability of the Data Centre. This would include such persons as: IT Service Delivery Managers, IT Marketing & Sales Reps, IT Department Managers, Network Managers, System integrator engineers, data center builders etc.


While there are no specific prerequisites for the CDCP course, participants who have at least one to two years of actual working experience in a Data Centre/facilities environment are best suited.


2 Days (16 Hours)

Course Objectives:

The attendee will be able to:

  • Choose an optimum site for mission critical Data Centre’s based on current and future needs
  • Describe all components important for hi-availability in a Data Centre and how to effectively setup the Data Centre.
  • Name and apply the various industry standards Describe the various technologies for UPS, re-suppression, cooling, monitoring systems, cabling standards, etc. and to choose and apply them effectively to enhance the hi-availability of the Data Centre at minimum cost
  • Review the electrical distribution system to avoid costly downtime
  • Enhance cooling capabilities and efficiency in the Data Centre by using techniques and technologies including new methodologies for high-power cooling requirements of the future
  • Design a highly reliable and scalable network architecture and learn how to ensure installers apply proper testing techniques
  • Create effective maintenance contracts with equipment suppliers ensuring the best “bang for the buck”
  • Setup effective Data Centre monitoring ensuring the right people get the right message
  • Ensure proper security measures, both process and technical are in place safeguarding your companies precious information in the data centre

Course Details:

Day 1
• The Data Centre, its Importance and causes for downtime
• Data Centre Standards and best practices
• Data Centre location, building and construction
• Selecting appropriate sites and buildings and how avoid pitfalls
• Various components of an effective data centre and supporting facilities setup
• Raised Floor/Suspended Ceiling
• Applicable Standards
• Uniform, Concentrated and Rolling load definitions
• Signal Reference Grid, Grounding of Racks
• Disability act and regulations
• Suspended ceiling usage and requirements
• Light
• Standards
• Light fixtures types and placement
• Emergency light, EPS
• Power infrastructure
• Power infrastructure layout from generation to rack level
• ATS and STS systems
• Redundancy levels and techniques
• Three phase and single phase usage
• Power distribution option within the computer room
• Power cabling versus Bus Bar Trunking
• Bonding versus Grounding, Isolation Transformers and Common Mode Noise
• Form factors and IP-Protection grades
• Power Quality guidelines
• Real Power versus apparent power
• How to size and calculate load in the Data Centre
• Generators
• Static and Dynamic UPS systems and criteria to use the correct one for the correct application
• Battery types and making the right selection and testing
• Thermo-graphics
• Electro Magnetic Fields
• Sources of EMF
• Electrical fields and Magnetic fields definitions
• Effects of EMF of human health and equipment
• Standards
• EMF Shielding solutions

Day 2
• Cooling infrastructure
• Cooling trends and requirements for now and the future
• Cooling units and conversion rates
• Sensible and latent heat definitions
• Difference between Comfort and precision cooling and its impact on energy efficiency
• Overview of different air conditioner techniques
• Techniques to increase effectiveness and efficiency of cooling in the computer room
• High density cooling techniques and common mistakes
• Water Supply
• Importance of water supply and application areas
• Backup water supply techniques
• Designing a Scalable Network Infrastructure
• Cabling Hierarchy
• Cable Characteristics
• Determining Connectivity Requirements
• Network Redundancy
• Building-to-Building Connectivity
• Recommended Installation Practices
• Testing and Verifying Structured Cabling
• Network Monitoring System requirements
• Fire suppression
• Standards for Fire Suppression
• Detection systems
• Various fire suppression techniques and systems, their benefits and disadvantages
• Signage and safety
• Regulatory requirements and best practices
• How to ensure that your fire suppression is working
• Data Centre monitoring
• Data Centre monitoring requirements
• EMS versus BMS
• Water leak detection systems
• Notification options and considerations
• Operational Security and Safety Practices
• Data Centre security layers
• Physical, infrastructure and organizational security
• Safety measures and essential Signage
• Labeling
• Choosing a labeling scheme
• Recommended Labeling Practices
• Network labeling
• Documentation
• How to setup proper documentation
• Document management policies and procedures
• Cleaning
• Cleaning practices for the Data Centre
• Standards and definitions
• Calculation models
• The “real” value
• Maintenance Contracts / SLA / OLA
• Mock Exam
• EXAM: Certified Data Centre Professional

Delivery Structure
PowerPoint Presentation, Interactive Lecture, Case Study, Classroom exercise, Question and Answer session.
EPI courses are lectured by certied trainers. CDCP® is an instructor-led course that uses a combination of presentation lectures and question and answer sessions, to discuss attendees’ specic needs and issues experienced in their own environment. Attendees are able to tap into the trainer’s extensive experience to enable them to solve practical problems in their current environment,thus adding tremendous value.


Attendees will take a 1-hour Certified Data Center Professional exam. The exam is a 40 questions, closed book, multiple choice exam. The passing mark is 30 out of 40. Attendees passing the exam will be awarded the internationally accredited and recognized “Certified Data Center Professional” certificate (CDCP). The CDCP certificate is valid for 3 years, after which 1-day refresher and a 1-hour exam will be required to maintain the CDCP certification standing.

Attendees who successfully pass the exam will receive the ocial ‘Certied Data Centre Professional’ certicate. Certification is valid for a three years period after which the student needs to re-certify. More information on re-certification and verification of the current status of certication can be found on the EPI corporate website,

Global Accreditation
EXIN, is a global, independent and not-for-profit examination provider. EXIN's mission is to improve the quality of the IT and Data Centre sectors, the proficiency of IT and Data Centre professionals and the IT users, by means of independent testing and certification.

EXIN offers candidates the opportunity to take examinations at a time and place of their choice. Every day, EXIN examinations are taken in more than 125 countries on six continents, and in more than 15 languages.

The Professional Engineers Board Singapore (PEB) is a statutory board in the Ministry of National Development. PEB was established since 1971 under the Professional Engineers Act. PEB’s Mission is to safeguard life, property, and welfare of the public by setting and maintaining high standards for registering professional engineers, and by regulating and advancing the practice of professional engineering. ICOR is a not-for-profit education and credentialing organization that provides professional development, certification, thought-leadership, and the latest in research and industry trends in the area of organizational resilience.


This course is really helpful.
---Shamzid, BIIC

Training Calendar

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AMS Campus Facilities

  • Two Air conditioned seminar halls with projector & audio system [Maximum Capacity up to 50 persons] including video recording capacity.
  • Two different PC Labs (Air conditioned)
  • Centralized server
  • Internet / WIFI facilities
  • Practice facilities in LABS
  • Online Exam Centre
  • Cafeteria & Own cook facility
  • Large lobby with natural surroundings
  • Huge Parking Space
  • Waiting Lounge
  • Distance education facilities
  • Printer, Scanner etc logistics facilities
  • Special Guest Room
  • Registration Booth Arrangement Space
  • 3 Star Accommodation arrangements for foreign guests on demand in walking distance from the center.
    ………and many more

Contact AMS

Academy of Management & Science (AMS)
House #450, Road # 31, New DOHS,Mohakhali, Dhaka-1206, Bangladesh
Cell No: (88) 01616004108
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