ISP Setup and Administration with Mikrotik
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ISP Setup and Administration with Mikrotik

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Academy of Management & Science (AMS)
House # 89/E, Road # 13/C, Block # E, Banani, Dhaka 1213, Bangladesh
Telephone: +880 (2) 9891190, +880 (2) 8836875, Cell No: (88) 01680878839, (88) 01193070284

Who Can Attend

Anybody who wish to develop career in IT, computer networking or ISP management
CSE, ITEE, IEE students , Network administrators, integrators, managers and other technical users who already use or would like to start using Mikrotik RouterOS for their routing, firewall, hotspot and wireless projects. It is also a good introduction to routing and firewall systems, especially in a wireless environment.




  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Interactive Lecture
  • Case Study
  • Classroom exercise
  • Question and Answer session

AMS Specialties:

  • Certified Mikrotik Expert:
  • Most senior Mikrotik listed consultant
    Our trainer provided training to many organization including Bangladesh Police, Military Institute of Science & Technology (MIST), Dhaka University, DGFI Head Quarter, Dhaka Cant and many others corporates
  • Well organized LAB (with 12 Router, Projector, UPS, IPS, Generator etc):



ISP Setup and Administration with Mikrotik


This training course will provide you with the skills to configure a MikroTik RouterOS Routerboard as a dedicated router, a bandwidth manager, a secure firewall appliance, a simple wireless access point, a VPN Server or Client or an Internet Hotspot concentrator etc. It is a course that covers the basics for those that new to MikroTik RouterOS (or is struggling to understand it!) and concentrates on the basics of setting up a MikroTik device.


  • No specific prerequisite
  • Basic knowledge of computer networking is additive.
  • Basic knowledge of TCP/IP and routing is additive. We will be expanding on this during the course, but we suggest that the participants have a good working knowledge of IP addressing and routing.


32 hours

Course Objectives:

After successfully completing the course attendees will be able to installing and upgrading the RouterOS, first login to the RouterOS using RouterBOARD, creating a simple network, static IP addressing and routing, basic dynamic routing using OSPF, creating a DHCP server and client, firewall filters and NAT rules, various VPN Tunnel types, simple queues for bandwidth control, hotspot configuration, wireless networks, web proxy for URL Filtering control and caching and The Dude.

Course Details:

    1. How to configure ISP link:

ISP may give you IP in any one ways of 3 types:

a) Static IP, b) DHCP IP, c) PPPoE user password

    1. How to configure your LAN Network:

You can give IP / Internet to your clients in 4 ways:

a) Static, b) DHCP, c) PPPoE, d) Hotspot.

    1. Bandwidth Control in different ways:
      1. Normal control per IP/dhcp-user/PPPoE/Hotspot user,
      2. Pick-Off pick different speed (like day= 256k, night= 1mb),
      3. Brust limit (speed will up-down, like from 128k to 512k: for shared users)
      4. Equal share in live users(your total bandwidth will equally divided in live users).
      5. Dedicate / Shared (Different group but shared user will get idle bandwidth of dedicate users)
      6. Higher Priority for VIP clients (VIP will get given speed confirm, then rest of others)
      7. High bandwidth for FTP or Mail service(like 256k for browsing but 1mb for mailing).
      8. Slow speed for auto update windows, antivirus or facebook or youtube at office hour).
      9. LAN open speed (Within LAN user/work group/VPN, speed will not control)
      10. Ping time will be normal even at bandwidth full consumption.
      11. Proxy cache files speed will get at high speed like 10/100mbps
      12. Department/group wise parent control with priority, then per user control with priority.
      13. and much more
    2. MAC Address Restrict for Static, DHCP, PPPoE, hotspot

User will not able to change his IP to get high speed or to by pass filter.

    1. Bandwidth uses/consumption graph:

Interface wise, per client, per group, with restriction/security.

    1. Administrative User Password, and its security.

Read only, write permission, full permission user create with allowed IP restriction, login will not allowed if allowed IP does not match even you know correct user password.

    1. Firewall: Web site filter(per user/group wise/all user):

Web site including https per user or group wise or for all user, filter bypass blocking process. adult site filter.

    1. Firewall: LAN user control, 

Common Virus Ports blocking, firewall / destination wise or port no wise filter for clients,

    1. Firewall: out going spam mail auto control:

Auto blocking virus affected PC and auto unblock after clean virus.

    1. Firewall: Router’s self protection from any hacking attack.

All types of hacking and un expected access attempt will be confirm to deny.

    1. Configuration Backup create and restore.

Total configure backup or partial like only MAC, IP, firewall, bandwidth control backup.

    1. NTP Client (Time Server IP)

Configure NTP to update router’s time automatically.

    1. Bridge mode configure:

Bridge required for control bandwidth without change previous router like cisco and there are so many utilization of bridge like EoIP purpose, VLAN purpose.

    1. Log/History keeping:

Client’s connect/disconnect, Browsing log view and all others log store in windows PC

    1. Live monitoring:

Source destination IP, Port, bandwidth consumption, broadcast, monitoring network problem detect and control.

    1. VPN for LAN or Data Server share from remote office:

Head office to Branch office connectivity through encrypted and secured tunnel with VPN server, VPN client, VPN windows dialer to connect any PC with private IP of head office, EoIP, IPIP, IPsec Tunnel. PPTP, SSTP, Security Leakage, By pass VPN Port blocked problem.

    1. Data link redundancy:

Head office to Branch office auto Data link redundancy.

    1. OSPF:

Auto redundancy and auto routing table update,

    1. Internet Link Redundancy with fail over:

Load Balance, Bandwidth merge of different ISP with auto fail over

    1. BGP:

Auto redundancy, Load balance with two IIG like BTCL, MANGO, BDIX ( own Real IP and AS number required).

    1. Hotspot:

Hotspot solution for auto login page display at client PC, Prepaid Card Pin generate for different speed & validity with Data limit like 256k, 30 days, 10gb data limit

    1. Mikrotik Wireless:

Access point, Client restriction, Radio Link P2P or Multi Point.

    1. PC Based Mikrotik:

OS Install, License, Version upgrade, version downgrade, New package install,

    1. VLAN Configure:

Sub Interface Create with VLAN ID, connect to Trunk port of manageable switch.

    1. Scheduling:

Auto backup create and auto send to your email address with backup file attachment,

    1. Command mode:

Partial backup like: simple queue, PPPoE user or MAC backup all other configure with command

  1. IP, Subnet mask calculation, supernet, subnet in Details.
  2. And much more including your problems & troubleshooting of your running network.

Training Calendar

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AMS Campus Facilities

  • Two Air conditioned seminar halls with projector & audio system [Maximum Capacity up to 50 persons] including video recording capacity.
  • Two different PC Labs (Air conditioned)
  • Centralized server
  • Internet / WIFI facilities
  • Practice facilities in LABS
  • Online Exam Centre
  • Cafeteria & Own cook facility
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  • Distance education facilities
  • Printer, Scanner etc logistics facilities
  • Special Guest Room
  • Registration Booth Arrangement Space
  • 3 Star Accommodation arrangements for foreign guests on demand in walking distance from the center.
    ………and many more

Contact AMS

Academy of Management & Science (AMS)
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